Camp White Earth

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery 1 Miscellaneous photos submitted by former campers and counselors

Photo Gallery 2Photos from Don Denike, 1955

Photo Gallery 3Photos from the 2006 reunion

Photo Gallery 4Photos from the 2008 reunion

Back Bay looking northeast

Quartet...Chorske, Fladeland, and Thompson

Paul Whitney, Rich Borstad, Jerry Fladeland

Bill Putnam getting a little cream on that sunburn.

Greg Wright (?) in 1958

Toni, this may explain Bill’s unusual sleeping issues



Paul Whitney and wife Diane at "05 Holiday Party

From the Mpls Tribune: some of our Golpher/Counselor heros

L. to R.:  Roger Martin, Rich Borstad, Bill Chorske, and unknown


Last farewell, bus pulling out, heading home




This photo is from Karl Hauschild.  It was taken in 1948 in the CWE Lodge, and was a featured photo in a Camp White Earth brochure distributed in the late 40s and early 50s.  Coach Thorpe and Rudy Petersen are in the back row, right side.  You can see Karl just to Rudy's right front, standing between the last row of campers and the counselors.  Peter Bly is right behind Karl.

Steve Koepcke & Bob Adams 08/60

(Left) Luella & Whitey Oberg, taken on Alaskan Cruise. (Right) Luella & Whitey Oberg - 1951

Denny & Teresa Shay on top a 14,000 foot peak 6 months after his bypass surgery

"Ron Johnson (the tall one), Bruce Ketola (second from right), Jerry Fladeland (center, knelling),

Doug Dypwick (red shirt) and several of the Putnam brothers, circa 1959."


KiW-40_07b-Expert.JPG                       KiW-41_06aDisting.jpg                       KiW-41-07bNRA Medals.JPG.JPG

                1940 photo: L. to R.:  John Tate, George Scott, Bill Kildow, Jim Felton, and Bill Thorpe.     1941, Bill Kildow, Distinguished Rifleman.     Bill Kildow’s medals earned while at Camp White Earth

This is Willis (Bill) Kildow (85) with his long time companion, Gisela.  He was a camper in 1939-1941

And they reside in Munich, Germany.  He provided the pictures you see immediately above.



billzuke_boxer1.jpg                                             BlairArcher_craftshop.jpg

This fellow is Bill Zuke; Councelor 1942; Professional boxer.  The fellow on the right is Blair Archer; Craft Shop Councelor in early 1940s.