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What’s News with Camp White Earth Alumni


August 2007:  Six former campers and counselors gathered at the home of Doug and Vicki Dypwick to outline plans for the Camp White Earth 2008 Reunion.

Standing left to right:  Doug Dypwick, John Nelson, Steve Koepcke.  Seated left to right:  Ron Johnson, Rich Borstad, and Guy Hatlie. The Dypwicks have a lovely home overlooking Gull Lake….wonderful setting.  The ladies had a great time too.  Vicki Dypwick was a terrific hostess….. Jean Nelson, Marilyn Keopcke, Caroline Johnson, and Judy Hatlie “bonded” as well.  Nancy Borstad was a little under the weather and could not attend.  The principle outcome of the meeting was the decision to move forward with another reunion at Maplelag in September of 2008.  Refer to the Reunion 2008 section of this website for the details as they are known today.  Registration packets will be coming out soon. 

Mark you calendars!  September 12, 13, and 14 2008.





January 23, 2008:    We had a terrific evening in the Fireside Room of Jimmy’s Food and Cocktails in Minneapolis (Hopkins) on the evening of January 23rd. White Earth ’Alumni’ and dinner attendees from the Twin Cities area included; Guy Hatlie (visiting from California), Doug and Vicki Dypwick, Rocky and Marion Elton, Phillip Kanning, Bruce Knutson, Dr. Glenn Lewis, Don Neary, Chip and Rosa Maria Peterson, Jim Richards, Jim Soltau, Floyd Stewart, and Jim (Suds) Sutherland. Don Knutson joined me (Guy) later for a post-event refreshment; hadn’t seem him in 50 years!  It was a very good turnout on a cold, clear, crisp evening in Minnesota.  A good time of shared White Earth stories, catching up on the last 50+ years, and much laughter was had by all. Of course, we all promised to stay in touch and attend the big Reunion in September ‘08.

I will try to post a better picture of the gang soon.  This one is a little ‘blurry’…..I couldn’t do an electronic transfer of the image.


Seated left to right:  Marion Elton, Rocky Elton, Don Neary, Bruce Knutson, Floyd Stewart.  Standing left to right:  Guy Hatlie, Doug Dypwick, Jim Richards, Phillip Kanning, Jim (Suds) Sutherland, Jim Soltau, Chip Peterson, Rosa Maria Peterson.  Below is a photo taken of Guy Hatlie and Dr. Glenn Lewis.



May 17, 2008:  I have been informed by Bette Sherman that her husband Jim Sherman, passed away in February of this year.  Bette is doing as well as can be expected in Coronado, California.  Guy

June 23, 2008:  The packets for the ‘08 Reunion registration went out and we are getting very favorable responses.  Old campers and counselors are coming from everywhere!!  Gas prices, be damned!  Oregon, Vermont, California, Mexico, Missouri…….  It’s going to be a terrific gathering!  Contact Jim Richards at Maplelag at your earliest convenience.

July 1, 2010:  I visited  Camp White Earth yesterday with friends….  I regret to inform you that Camp White Earth, as we knew it, does not exit.  All the buildings have been razed and the construction of the new “Rediscovery Center” has begun.  The buildings of the old camp were in sad shape….  Hopefully, good things will be happening there and it will be a center piece for the Tribe.  Guy Hatlie.

December 28, 2012:  During the past several months we have lost some old friends….  I have been notified of the passing of Charles Kubes, Bill Sherman, and Jerry Fladeland.  Our sincere sympathy is extended to the greater circle of their families and friends.

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