Camp White Earth

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Remember Camp White Earth?

My name is Guy Hatlie. I was a ‘camper’ at Camp White Earth, Minnesota for 6 summers in the 1950s. Ah yes, the formative years. I had a great time. As you make your way through this website I think that you will recall the great time you had as well. After you’ve had a look…help me gather more names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. of some of your old pals… and we’ll see if we can get together and share some great stories…..catch up on the last 50-60 years..! Can you believe it?

Well, we did get together!  We had a terrific reunion in September of 2006…..And again in September 2008.  Read all about the reunions and look at the pictures in the Reunion section of this website, and also in the Photo Gallery.  Stay tuned, and refer to the “Reunion Plans” section of this website for further information on future reunions.  Note:  There are no reunions planned at this time. 

The goal is to sustain this website as a living document to be updated periodically and function as a crossroads, or central “directory” for all the people associated with Camp White Earth. I don’t know that any other records exist.  If you send me things….pictures, etc. to include in the web site, just keep in mind it takes me awhile to get it up-loaded; sometimes months!  I do receive a comment or inquiry regarding the site about once a month….on average.  I do refer people looking for old friends to the e-mail address I have.  I do not give out the mailing address unless it’s cleared with recipient.

So, have a look. Send me, or correct the contact information I have listed for you, or send a message to an old friend. The web site was recently updated, December 27, 2012, with additions to the ‘Bio Section’, the History Section’, and the Campers and Staff listings.  Be sure to ‘check in’ once in a while for any updates to the contact list or plans for future gatherings. If you have any thoughts regarding improvements for this site please contact me with your ideas. Thanks for logging in, be sure to sign the guest book…..have some fun.

Well, I’m off to my evening activity….on “The Hill”…capture the sticks!  Ha!  Well, perhaps a cup of tea….or perhaps, a martini!